Brock hosts Night Against Procrastination

The acronym NAP seems somehow appropriate for the first-ever Night Against Procrastination being held Thursday, Nov. 12 at Brock University.

The late-night writing and studying event will be held in Thistle Complex from 6 p.m. to midnight. The goal is to kickstart students into getting their work done now rather than leaving it until the last moment.

“Our service is basically giving students strategies. The whole night is about getting started, building momentum and teaching them how they can break things up so they can be more productive,” said Margaret Groombridge, Interim Manager, A-Z Learning Services, who is one of the event’s organizers.

In addition to giving the students access to academic advisers and tutors, the night will include mini-workshops, food and drinks and break-out rest sessions such as yoga.

“It’s a night against procrastination so that students don’t put their work off,” Groombridge said.

The Night Against Procrastination will take place in: TH 129, where students can work on assignments and where instructors, tutors and TAs will provide support on demand; TH 123, where short sessions, alternating throughout the evening will take place; and TH 124, where food and refreshments will be available.

“What I imagine it will be is students moving a lot, asking a lot of questions and really breaking that boundary of students who maybe have never spoken to a tutor before.?It’s very interactive,” said Groombridge.

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