WiFi services undergoing improvements

In response to high demand, Brock University is continuing to invest in its WiFi services on campus.

In the past two years, Information Technology Services has nearly doubled indoor campus coverage by deploying and managing more than 800 access points.

ITS continues to expand coverage and improve distribution networks to make wireless computing at Brock a quality service for the entire community. It is growing the access point cloud to more than 1,200 individual points of connectivity.

By the end of this summer, four residences will also be fully equipped with wireless connectivity (Village, DeCew, Quarryview and Gateway).

The remainder of residences (Lowenberger, Earp and Vallee) are planned for the summer of 2016.

In addition, ITS will phase out older model access points around campus and replace them with the newest technology, speeds and capabilities.

In an effort to improve connectivity, ITS will change the broadcasted name of the WiFi signal. Current offerings of BrockNet and BrockSecure will be rebranded to one channel simply called BrockWiFi. This access channel will use the latest encryption and performance capabilities to improve the end user experience.

After Aug. 18, 2015, BrockNet and BrockSecure will be discontinued. Users of the WiFi service will require a one-time setup of BrockWiFi, with their Brock issued username and password, on their devices to enable the new service.

If you require assistance or have questions and concerns, please contact the ITS Help Desk. Self-service instructions on the setup are available online.

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