BrockU Talks ready to inspire

I love this life!

BrockU Talks, the student-run mini-conference aimed at motivating and sparking change, is back.

The successful symposium lets speakers share their passions to a crowd eager to listen and ready to be inspired.

This year’s BrockU Talks will build from last year’s inaugural event, with 10 speakers (all Brock students or alumni) and groups from across campus setting up tables for a clubs/service fair after the speakers have finished.


Speaker topics include the importance and uniqueness of viewing religion from a secular point of view, the re-evaluation of the reasons we choose to do things, and political philosophy and the importance of having minorities represented in government.

This combination of ideas and intriguing mindsets is what BrockU Talks was created for – to converse about passions and their power.

BrockU Talks will be held Nov. 19 from 5 p.m.-8 p.m. in Pond Inlet. Admission is free and light refreshments will be served to those in attendance.

For more information:
Facebook: /BrockUTalks
Twitter: @BrockUTalks

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