Brock grad student wins provincial video contest


Brock grad student Brittany Dunbar was awarded the top prize in the ‘We Teach Ontario' video contest.

As a first-year grad student in Applied Health Sciences, Brittany Dunbar was awarded the top prize in the ‘We Teach Ontario‘ video contest supported by the Ontario Confederation of University Faculty Associations (OCUFA).

The contest required students from across the province to make a short video about a professor at their school who has made an impact on his/her academic career.

The top prize included an iphone 5s along with the opportunity to attend the annual OCUFA conference in Toronto that was held Feb. 27-28.

Dunbar’s video submission documented her decision to become a Master of Science student in Kinesiology under the supervisor of Brian Roy.

“This experience allowed me to showcase my research experience at Brock,” said Dunbar, whose research looks at muscle metabolism and how protein conditions contingent upon muscle cell volumes. “It was a humbling experience knowing my video impacted others and even touched some individuals in a positive way.

“I completed an independent study with Dr. Roy during my fourth year of undergrad, (and) this experience opened my eyes to the type of research that you can explore at Brock.”

This year’s conference was appropriately titled ‘Future U’, with a focus on resolving current issues at universities across Ontario and how changes must be made to create a more positive future for universities.

“This conference provided me with a brief snapshot of the current situations that every university in the province are undergoing as I sat in on the conference,” Dunbar said.

Dunbar was one of over 100 people who attended the OCUFA conference, which included Faculty, staff and student representatives.

The conference included attendees from across the country and even a few from schools representing the United States and other international institutions.

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