Publications and Presentations – Nov. 1


Weissflog, M., Choma, B., van Noordt, S., Dywan, J., & Segalowitz, S.J. (2013). The Political (and Physiological) Divide: Political Orientation, Performance Monitoring, and the Anterior Cingulate Response. Social Neuroscience, 8(5), 434-447.


Dan Malleck in the Department of Community Health Sciences presented his paper, “Habitual risk: Insurance, professional authority and the medicalization of addiction in the 19th century” at the Under Control? Alcohol and Drug Regulation, Past and Present conference at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine in June 2013.

David Schimmelpenninck in the Department of History recently presented three papers. The first, “Yoke or Legacy: The Golden Horde in Russia’s Historical Memory” was at Leiden University’s Centenary Conference of Slavic Studies on Oct. 9, 2013.

Schimmelpenninck delivered a plenary talk on “Agenty imperii? Russkie putesghestveniki i Bol’sha igra” (Agents of Empire? Russian Explorers and the Great Game” at the Russian Geographical Society’s conference on Oct. 15, 2013, to mark the 150th anniversary of P. K. Kozlov’s birth in St Petersburg.

He also presented a paper to the University of Amsterdam’s East Seminar on “Het grote spel van Tsaar Paul” (Tsar Paul’s Great Game) on Nov. 17.

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