Guernsey Market makes room for Campus Store satellite

The Campus Store is setting up shop in the Guernsey Market. An artists rendering shows what the space, which opens Friday, will resemble.

The Campus Store is setting up shop in the Guernsey Market. An artists rendering shows what the space, which opens Friday, will resemble.

Perhaps the next time you order a stir-fry for lunch, you’d like a hoodie on the side.

Starting Friday, the Guernsey Market and Campus Store will have you covered, whether you’re craving a burger and fries or a Brock sweatshirt and some printer ink.

A corner of the market, once reserved for selling groceries, has been transformed into a mini-Campus Store selling Brock and Badger gear – clothing, water bottles, coffee mugs – and a selection of school supply staples, including printer toner, computer accessories and limited stationary.

The expansion of the Campus Store’s presence to the Guernsey Market is part of a plan to integrate more retail and spread the Brock brand throughout the campus, said Tom Arkell, Brock’s Associate Vice-President of University Services.

“Wherever people are, we want to be bringing the product to the people, rather than the other way around,” Arkell said.

Having a satellite store at the Guernsey Market means students will be able to purchase products seven days a week, including late at night when the Campus Store is long closed for the day, he noted.

Not only will students be able to shop more conveniently, parents visiting the campus on weekends will also have the opportunity to make purchases.

T-shirts, sweatshirts, yoga gear, rugby shirts and water bottles are just some of the Brock and Badger Athletics gear already lining shelves and filling racks for the store’s opening.

Dan Lewis, director of the Campus Store, said the clothing offerings will change based on the latest trends while school supplies, such as ink cartridges, will be stocked based on demand.

“If we find that’s a popular item, we’ll serve our customers,” Lewis said.

Students will be able to pay for items with their Brock Card. Eventually tickets for sporting events will be available for purchase at the market store, too.

And in time, future retail spaces will be added to other dining halls in residences, with inventory tailored to the needs of students living there. Service centres and welcome desks on campus could also become home to retail outlets.

The Guernsey Market has already had a trial run as a Campus Store satellite location. During the previous school year, temporary merchandise tables piled high with Brock gear were set up in Market Hall for a few days at a time and sales were brisk, Arkell said.

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2 comments on “Guernsey Market makes room for Campus Store satellite”

  1. Why? says:

    This is the stupidest marketing gimmick I’ve seen. Way to go brock.

  2. Lauren says:

    I hope the apparel doesn’t take on the stench of the food served there :s

    And I can almost see people eating and not cleaning their hands then touching things and dirtying them :s

    Hopefully these things don’t happen. But I’m kind of disappointed that Brock is forcing the brand at it’s students when many students can’t afford to buy the merchandise, and now it’ll be in their face all the time..