Brock working with the University of Western Sydney

Ingrid Makus, Neil McCartney, Joffre Mercier, Jens Coorssen

From left: Ingrid Makus, Neil McCartney, Joffre Mercier, Jens Coorssen, Mike Plyley

Brock had an international visitor this month in the form of a delegate from the University of Western Sydney (UWS).

Jens Coorssen, chair of Molecular Physiology and head of UWS’s Molecular Medicine Research Group, visited Brock last week. Coorssen met with Brock administrators to explore new potential for Brock and UWS to co-operate.

Brock and the UWS signed an Agreement of Co-operation earlier this year, pledging to encourage research exchange and mobility for the purpose of internships, collaborative project work and other academic activities. Besides the connections between Biological Sciences and other science-based programs, the universities could complement each other in areas such as nursing and midwifery, Child and Youth Studies, Geography and tourism.

Coorssen, who earned a BSc (’86) and MSc (’89) from Brock, met with Joffre Mercier (Associate Dean, Mathematics and Science), Ingrid Makus (Associate Dean, Social Sciences), Neil McCartney (Dean, Applied Health Sciences) and Mike Plyley (Dean, Graduate Studies).

Coorssen, who has been collaborating with Mercier, also gave a presentation on Sept. 16 as part of the Alumni Weekend Learners and Leaders seminar series.

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