The world comes to Brock’s doorstep

Brock’s Pond Inlet will play host to a virtual United Nations Thursday, March 10 at the eighth annual Celebration of Nations.

The free event runs from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. It features representatives from about 30 nations offering traditional snacks, clothes, facts and cultural performances.

“I find that the Celebration of Nations event is a medium through which we can inform the Brock community about our countries and show that international students are not just students, but also representatives of different nations. It truly highlights the diversity at Brock University,” said Olo Musa, an international student from Nigeria.

Students are given modest financial assistance to stock their booths with food and an attractive display.

The Office of International Services and Programs Abroad presents this event in collaboration with Brock International, International Recruitment, Associate Vice-President Student Services, ESL Services, and BUSU.

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