Brock receives provincial Registrars’ Association award


From left: Gloria Gallagher, Mwinchande Chande, Barb Davis

Brock is the recipient of this year’s Ontario Universities Registrars’ Association (OURA) Innovation Award, which rewards universities for improving the quality and reducing the cost of academic admission.

The OURA Innovation Award recognizes and rewards achievements in the following areas: admissions, registration, examinations, scheduling, transcripts, systems, records, calendars, scholarships and awards, secondary school liaison, and related activities. Brock’s Office of the Registrar won for its Electronic Academic Calendar Submission/Revision Project.

The award is valued at $5,000 and is given in the form of an endowment to fund a student scholarship.

The Office of the Registrar, in partnership with ITS/Web Development, developed a web-based system to facilitate the Undergraduate and Graduate Academic Calendar Revision Submission process. This project improves the annual process by which the academic calendar is developed and produced, and improves efficiency, productivity and cost savings. The first year of implementation, collaboration and support from the academic units and the undergraduate program committee have contributed to a successful launch of phase one.

The award was accepted by Barb Davis, Registrar, and Gloria Gallagher, Associate Registrar, during the OURA Annual Conference held March 1 to 3 in Toronto. The two also presented a conference session on the project and will make a similar presentation at the Association of Registrars of the Universities and Colleges of Canada Conference in June.

“I would like to acknowledge the exceptional work of both Mwinchande Chande in the Office of the Registrar and Geoff Martin in ITS, and to thank members of UPC and everyone in the academic units for their support and enthusiasm in embracing this project,” Davis said. “It is very much a community effort.”

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3 comments on “Brock receives provincial Registrars’ Association award”

  1. Matt Clare says:

    Way to go Chande! Keep up the great work!

  2. Chande says:

    Thank you Matt!

  3. Janice says:

    Way to go Chande! You bro made us proud!