Musculoskeletal Health Education Forum 2021

Theme: Musculoskeletal Health and Performance in the COVID-19 Era

We are excited to announce the fourth biennial Musculoskeletal Health Education Forum (MHEF). MHEF is a biennial event that brings together academia and community members to discuss important aspects of bone and muscle health. This event also provides students with the opportunity to present their work.

This year’s event  took place online on Saturday, October 2nd, 2021.

Please watch the recordings of the presentations below.
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Dr. Yoni Yarom

Institution: Medix Center for Sports Medicine at the Israel Olympic Centre
Topic: “Return to Play and COVID-19”
Profile: Jonathan (Yoni) Yarom is a sports physician, with a wide interest in elite athletes – their development and competitive excellence. He received his medical degree from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and has completed exercise medicine fellowships around in Europe, Australia, Canada and the US. He has a rich history in Sports Medicine, in numerous institutions around the world. Among others, he has served as the Director of the Sports Medicine Centre at the Wingate Institute, was the Head Physician for the Israeli Olympic team in the 1990’s and is currently the Medical Director and Founder of Medix, the largest sports medicine orthopedic and rehabilitation centre in Israel. In addition, he serves as the Chair of the Israeli Para-Olympic Medical Committee, serves pm the Advisory Sports Medicine Committee to the Ministry of Health, and is the Vice-President of the Israeli Sports Medicine Society.

Yoni is an active cyclist and tennis player, and has served as the President of the Israeli Cycling Federation and the Israeli Tennis Association.

Dr. Phil Chilibeck

Institution: University of Saskatchewan
Topic: “Keeping gyms and sports competitions open during COVID-19 – is the use of face masks a viable strategy?”
Profile: Phil Chilibeck is a professor in Kinesiology at the University of Saskatchewan. He received his B.Sc. in Kinesiology from the University of Ottawa, an M.Sc. from McMaster University, his Ph.D. from Western University, and did a post-doctoral fellowship at the University of Alberta. His research during COVID has focused on the effects of the pandemic on physical activity, fitness, and nutrition, and use of face masks during exercise.

Dr. Michaela Devries

Institution: University of Waterloo
Topic: “Can we offset the effects of reduced physical activity during COVID-19 with nutrition and exercise countermeasures?”
Profile: Dr. Devries-Aboud is an assistant professor at the University of Waterloo where she specializes in studying the effects of exercise, aging and disease on muscle function, composition and metabolism. She has a particular interest in examining the role of intramyocellular lipids (fat droplets stored in muscle cells) on insulin sensitivity and their presence in obese and athletic populations. She received her BSc in Human Kinetics with a Minor in Nutrition at the University of Guelph. She then received her PhD in Cell Biology and Metabolism at McMaster University where she also completed her Postdoctoral Fellowship in Kinesiology.

Bruce Craven

Institution: Craven Sport Services
Topic: “Performance Considerations through-out the Lifespan during a Pandemic”
Profile: Bruce is an internationally recognized Sport Physiotherapist and Strength and Conditioning Coach, with over 31 years of experience working with athletes in over 40 different sports, competing at provincial, national, international and Olympic/Paralympic competitions. Bruce has his Diploma in Sport Physiotherapy, is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), Associate clinical professor at the University of Saskatchewan School of Physical Therapy, an instructor for the National Coaches Association of Canada, and a member of the Canadian Sport Center’s National Sport Medicine and Science Committee. Bruce is a highly-sought presenter who couples expertise with skilled teaching abilities.

Dr. Katsu Funai

Institution: University of Utah
Topic: “Suppressing lipid peroxidation to attenuate disuse-induced muscle atrophy”
Profile: Dr. Katsu Funai is an Associate Professor at the University of Utah in the departments of Nutrition & Integrative Physiology, Physical Therapy & Athletic Training, and Molecular Medicine. His main research focus centers around changes in skeletal muscle metabolism and lipid metabolism on normal cellular functions. He received his BSc and MSc in Physiology at Boston University. He completed his PhD in Kinesiology at the University of Michigan and then moved to Washington University School of Medicine where he completed his postdoctoral fellowship in Endocrinology.

Dr. Bahram Jam

Institution: Advanced Physical Therapy Education Institute
Topic: “Let’s stop ‘correcting’ postures! Here are other options…”
Profile: Bahram Jam graduated from the University of Toronto then he completed a Clinical Masters in Manipulative Physiotherapy at the University of Queensland, Australia. He also completed his Doctorate in Science in Physical Therapy at Andrews University, USA. He has the Canadian Diploma of Advanced Manual and Manipulative Physiotherapy and is also credentialed with the McKenzie Institute International.
He is the founder and director of Advanced Physical Therapy Education Institute (APTEI) and has been a chief instructor for over one thousand post-graduate Orthopaedic clinical courses across Canada and internationally. He has presented at several national and international conferences. He continues to practice at Athletes Care at York University in Toronto.

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