The Centre for Bone and Muscle Health hosts a multitude of events, including the biennial Musculoskeletal Health Education Forum (MHEF) and the Speaker Series about Healthy Living Across the Lifespan.

This year we are excited to be hosting our fourth biennial MHEF. Stay tuned for more information! Sign up here to be kept in the loop (we will not send you spam e-mails).

Musculoskeletal Health Education Forum 2019

On October 26, 2019, the Centre for Bone and Muscle Health hosted our third biennial Musculoskeletal Health Education Forum. The one-day event brought together students, field professionals and community members to learn and share the important aspect of bone and muscle health.

Alongside a variety of sessional speakers, there were poster presentations and collaborative workshops, which made this forum a great opportunity to showcase and engage in discussion about innovative musculoskeletal health research.

To learn more about this forum, please check out the website here.

Speaker Series: Healthy Living Across the Lifespan – Lessons on workplace health, bone health and exercise from research

On November 29, 2019, the Centre for Bone and Muscle Health hosted a Speaker Series in partnership with Brock’s Centre for Lifespan Development Research and The Faulty of Applied Health Sciences. This event invited community members to Brock to learn more about staying healthy.

Drs. Mike Holmes, Nota Klentrou and Wendy Ward, Brock Professors, researchers and members of the CBMH, along with a panel of student researchers, used their own research to share key issues and evidence-based recommendations for healthy living. The focus was on workplace health habits, bone health and nutrition and exercise and sport training.