Call for hosts: CFBU (Brock Radio) seeks environment and sustainability programming

What is the opportunity?

CFBU (Brock Radio) is recruiting hosts for shows on environment, sustainability, or possibly other topics (e.g., global justice, social and animal movements, labour studies). See the schedule for a taste of what Brock Radio has to offer.

Shows typical run weekly (1/2 hour to an hour in length); however, there is the possibility of multiple hosts for a show, on a rotating basis. Other schedules are also possible such as a biweekly or monthly showings. Program hosts would receive training at the station in all aspects of operating and production. No previous experience is required.

If you or anyone in your networks are interested in creating and hosting a show in the areas of environment or sustainability, please email CFBU’s program director, Deborah Cartmer at

Who are we?

CFBU is a non profit corporation run by  Brock University Student Radio  (BUSR). The objectives of Brock University Student Radio are:

a) To operate a community-based campus radio station, committed to broadcasting intellectual, articulate and entertaining spoken word and music programming, which serves as a distinct alternative to commercial radio.

b) To provide an autonomous media source for news and information, free from government and corporate influence.

c) To provide a voice for under-represented groups from the Brock community as a whole, and from the community at large.

d) To encourage acceptance and understanding of ethnic diversity and marginalized groups.

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