SJRI affiliate receives CRISS grant for joint film project

Dr. Lauren Corman recently received a grant from the Council for Research in the Social Sciences (CRISS) to collaborate with filmmaker Karol Orzechowski. Together they will be producing a film documenting the intersections between animal advocacy and other social justice issues.

Karol Orzechowski and Dr. Corman are uniquely suited to create a film about the rise of intersectionality within the animal movements.

Orzechowski, whose 2011 award-winning documentary Maximum Tolerated Dose, featured a set of vignettes with former animal experimentation lab workers, brings a diverse repertoire of technical expertise, academic studies, and activism to the project. Adjacently, Dr. Corman draws on her longstanding research, teaching, and radio production that emphasizes critical perspectives on animal issues. Her recently defended Ph.D. dissertation highlights anti-racist, critical pedagogy, and feminist approaches to animal politics.

This film will explore the rise of a new kind of advocacy that focuses on the relationships among animal, environmental, and social justice movements. From domestic violence and companion animal abuse, to Indigenous sovereignty and the fur industry, to human and animal cultural sustainability, the documentary will encourage us to look at animal issues anew in our own backyards and across oceans.

To learn more about this project please contact Dr. Corman.

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