Students growing, researching historic gardens


Welcome to #BrockHistoricalGardens!

What roles have gardens played across time and cultures? What can gardens tell us about the past and about the societies that tended them?

This summer, two Brock University History students, Kaylin and Goran, will be asking and attempting to answer these questions as part of a directed research course, ‘Historical Gardening.’

In June they began researching, designing, planting and growing a historical garden of their choice in Brock’s community garden. Goran will be growing and researching Second World War Victory gardens, and Kaylin is growing and researching a medieval monastic garden.

Throughout the summer they will be writing about their gardening experiences and research on the Faculty of Humanities’ Instagram (#brockhistoricalgardens) and here on the Faculty’s blog.

Follow along to watch their gardens grow and the research take shape as our two student gardener/researchers explore the roles of plants in two very different time periods!



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