Getting Involved at Brock University

Do you want to improve your university experience? Get involved at Brock!

Brock provides many events and activities to help improve students academic and social life. You will not only make friends from these opportunities, but you will also gain more experience.

There are many ways you can participate at Brock. The following are some of my suggestions.

  1. Clubs and Associations
  2. There are over 90 clubs at Brock including academic, cultural and political. Here you can find a group of people with similar interests. Clubs often hold some interesting events, which is a great opportunity to develop cooperation, organization and communication skills.

  3. Brock programs
  4. At Brock, you can find various projects. For example, Brock Student Life and Community Experience encourage students to take part in many volunteer opportunities. Furthermore, you can choose short-term or long-term exchange opportunities around the world through Brock International to add a global edge to your resume.

  5. Workshops
  6. Workshops at Brock are a helpful tool. A-Z Learning Services and Brock International will hold several workshops to provide students with everything from study tips to improving their academic achievement. In addition, there are events held by CareerZone, which is a great way to add experience to your resume and gain ideas about your future career aspirations.

  7. Recreational Sports
  8. If you love sports, you can consider participating in Brock’s intramural programs. It’s a great way to stay active, meet new friends and learn a new sport you might not have previously considered.

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