“What are your plans for the Spring/Summer?”

This spring and summer I have a lot to accomplish. At the end of this month, I will be going to New York City to compete in the NYAC wrestling tournament. I am excited to be in a familiar place and compete against wrestlers I have not seen since last year. Since starting at Brock last September, I have become an entirely different athlete, and I cannot wait to prove it to my coaches, family, and myself. Afterward, I am going to be preparing for the US Open in Las Vegas, Nevada. That is one of my favourite tournaments because well… it is in Vegas. If I place top eight in this tournament, I will go on to compete at the United States Wrestling Nationals in May. Throughout the summer, I will also be going back and forth between Brock and New Jersey so that I can train.

Aside from my wrestling, I have some academic plans as well. I plan on taking some business classes at Brock this summer in the hopes of getting a few of my course requirements taken care of before September.

I’m also very excited to be taking my first trip to Italy in June. I will be going with my family and my best friend since Grade 7. While we are there, I plan to explore Rome and enjoy some great Italian food (my favourite)!

After Italy, I plan on spending a time at home and reconnecting with family and friends. I am excited to see all of the friends I made at Lafayette College last year and asking them about sorority life and school.

The things I am most anxious for, are to see my dog and sisters, as well as eating my mom’s food. It is quite odd living without a pet, and I miss the cuddle sessions that I always have with my Goldendoodle, Lilly. Seeing my sisters is also an exciting occasion because I have not seen them since Christmas. My family is pretty close in general but the bond I have with my sisters is unbreakable. Lastly, like every college student, I am excited to enjoy one of my mom’s home-cooked meals. I am so tired of the mediocre food that I make for myself and am looking forward to being spoiled by my Italian mother!

I can not wait to see what the next couple of months have in store. It will be nice to get away from the workload of four classes and focus my energy on other things. I hope that your summer is as busy and exciting as mine!

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