A University Guide to Packing Clothes

Let’s face it. Packing for university can be very stressful. What should I bring? Will I need this? Is this too much? I am sure all these thoughts are running through your head. Well future Badgers, you are in luck. I have been there, and I am here to share my tips with you. For simplicity sake I focused on clothing items.

Lounge wear

Trust me, sweat pants and sweatshirts will be your best friends when going to class. Also, when it is cold it is essential to have nice cozy and comfy clothes to wear. I recommend packing at least a few sweat pants and sweatshirts and some very comfortable sweaters, big t-shirts and pants (short and long). When I am lounging around residence I love to wear flowy short pants as I find these to be the most comfortable. You also need some good pairs of pajamas. If you are living in residence I suggest making sure these are ones you are willing to wear out in the halls. You never know when the fire alarm may go off or when you might want to go to the common room for a cup of tea.

Winter wear

Make sure you have plenty of sweaters, scarves, gloves, touches, and a good winter coat and pair of boots.

Work attire

You never know when you will have an interview or a conference to go to. There are a wealth of opportunities at Brock. Make sure you are prepared for them by having at least one formal outfit.

Casual clothes

Make sure you have clothes for everyday wear and for all seasons. I recommend making sure you have lots of t-shirts, long-sleeves, jeans and leggings.


You’ll want to have a comfortable pair of shoes for everyday wear, sneakers in case you want to work out, shoes for a night out on the town, and formal shoes, just in case.

Special occasions

Make sure you have a few items for going out on the weekends, whether it’s for parties, functions, or just hanging out with friends. I recommend for girls to have at least one dress.


You should also bring anything you use frequently, so long as it is weather appropriate. Pack rain and heavy duty snow gear (if you’re traveling to Canada between October and March). You never known when it will be a rainy week, or your inner child will guide you to the snow!

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