Life in the Vallee: The Residence Life Experience at Brock University

When I have watched movies or television shows in the past, they always depict university residence as one of the best experiences that you will have in your life. So far, I have lots of great memories of my time on residence and still look forward to making more.

From the beginning of the year, you already know that your floor or housemates become your second family. Orientation week was a great time to get to know everyone, and it is near impossible to not make friends, especially since you share a living space with them. You also always have people to go grab something to eat with and don’t have to worry about getting lonely.

Each week, we have these activities called “crew events” where we go to mini-competitions or bonding activities such as trivia or painting. All of these events rack up points for your floor, hall, or house. Whoever has the most points at the end of the year wins an amazing trophy and gets to leave some type of art display in their common area which will remain as their forever-lasting legacy. I hope the Dufferin Hall G’nomes (my floor in Vallee Residence) can win this year, so we can put our handprints or footprints on the walls of the common room!

I also have met some people that I hope will never leave my life! Next year, I made the decision to live off-campus to get a taste of what it’s like to truly live on my own. All of my roommates currently live on my floor with me and I cannot wait to move in next year! Without residence, I wouldn’t have met these amazing people and shared the fun times that made my first-year unforgettable!

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