Four universal tips to stay organized

University life can be very different from high school, so it is important to know how to stay organized. Below I have listed my four most useful tips during your studies at Brock:

  1. Get a planner, use the Outlook app, and buy a wall calendar
  2. What keeps me most organized is that I’m constantly reminded of all that I have to do. I write down all of my assignments and events I have to go to in my planner, on my wall calendar (I suggest you get a four-month one) and on my phone with the outlook app. This makes it nearly impossible for me to forget to do an assignment. What is great is that at Brock both the wall calendar and the planner you can get for free at the vendor fair during orientation week. The Outlook app is also free and can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play.

  3. Write down all of your due dates as soon as you know them
  4. The planner, wall calendar and Outlook app are very useful, but only if you actually use them effectively. As soon as you have your course outlines spend some time inputting all of your due dates and test dates into your calendar. Adding in mock due dates for when you want your assignments to be done are also helpful. Make sure to also add in any extracurricular commitments or events you know you will have.

  5. Plan out your week on Sunday Nights
    When I first came to Brock I struggled a little bit with my time management until I started planning out my weeks on Sunday nights. Here is the best way to do that:

    1. Start by writing out what is due during the week
    2. Next write down when your classes are and any other commitments you have that week. Use this to figure out how much time you have to do work each day.
    3. Once you know how much time you have, assign a day to do every assignment that you have due that week. Make sure to be realistic about how long each assignment will take and plan to do what is due first before you complete other assignments. A good tip is to break down larger assignments into smaller ones and spread them across multiple days, so you do not feel too overwhelmed.
    4. Add in any readings you have to do for the week. Some readings (like seminar readings) are more important to do than others, so keep that in mind.
    5. Take a look at what you have due next week and add in that work where you have time gaps. Pay special attention to the assignments due at the beginning of the next week.
    6. Make sure you still have some time for leisure every day!
  6. Follow your plan
  7. The most important thing you need to do to stay organized is to stick to your plan. What is the point of making it if you are not going to follow it?

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