Hi Future Badgers!

Winter Term has just begun, and while many of us Badgers would like to think we are ready to take on another term with new classes full force… most of us are still stuck in Christmas break mode.

After writing final exams in December and having a nice break to reboot over the holidays, sometimes it can be hard to keep up those great study habits, organization, and especially TIME MANAGEMENT.

This is where I come in. Over my (almost) 4 years here at Brock as a student, I have learned many strategies that help me manage my time and be the most productive I can be during the school year. In this post I will share some of these tips with you!

1. Get an agenda. Not just any boring agenda, a cool agenda that you enjoy using! There are so many new agendas out there that have cool pictures, stickers, activities and more that will motivate you to use them effectively and organize your schedule!

2. Use a calendar. Whether you get a whiteboard calendar for your wall in your room, a desk calendar, or even just the calendar on your laptop, make sure it is easy for you to access so that whenever something comes up that you need to add, you can do it before you forget.

3. Find a system to use like highlighting or colour coding. I like to colour code my activities and events. I usually use a different colour for each of my courses so that when I have an assignment or test it will stand out to me. I also use a different colour for my job and my volunteering. It’s not just helpful, it’s also fun and looks good as well!

4. Set specific times for things you need to get done, and try your best to stick to these time frames. For example, I usually try to do my homework during the week, so that for the most part I can have my weekends to relax and do fun things with my friends! Giving myself a schedule to follow day by day has really helped me balance out my commitments with my needed breaks and free time.

These are just a few of my time management tips, and I hope you find these helpful! Good luck finishing off school this year, Future Badgers!

– Emily

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