FUNDING EDUCATION!!!This was probably one of the scariest things about coming to university – wondering how I could afford it! But I want to let you know it is possible as there is always help you can get. Personally, finances have always been troubling for my family as I am a triplet and when I first started at Brock, all three of us went away to post-secondary institutions. However, I found there were ways to overcome worrying about finances. One thing that was extremely important to me was my entrance scholarship based on my Gr.12 admittance average marks. This was an easy way for me to fund my tuition as I had achieved a high average in high school which resulted in the scholarship being directly applied to my account. Also, throughout my years at Brock, I maintained over an 80% which renewed the scholarship each year. Additionally, at Brock, there is something called the ONE APP. This is one application to fill out which the, once you submit, will consider you for all awards, scholarships, and bursaries you are eligible for!

In one of my previous blogs, I talked about having an on-campus job. These jobs that I had the privilege to hold on campus helped me survive my four years. After tuition and fees are paid, you still must pay for residence or living off-campus and ultimately pay to live! This is where I used all the money I saved up from on-campus jobs. Therefore, it is possible, do not be scared about funding your education just ensure you consider every option and apply for any help you can receive!



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