When I was in my first year, I needed to find something to help me with my mental health and well-being as I transitioned from high school to university. This is when I started working out and exercising! This was a new concept to me – before university started I had never been to a gym or knew how to work out. But, this made me more determined to get into a habit and try something new. I started by attending Express Fit classes on campus. Express Fit classes are included in tuition as a Brock student. Which was AMAZING because I did not have to pay to work out! After I felt more comfortable, I started using the gym! I had some lovely friends that taught me how to use the equipment and free weights to help me learn how to effectively work out. It was intimidating at first but do not give up!! I was determined to make a habit out of it which I did!

Now in my fourth year, when I get stressed or I am worrying about something, the gym is mu escape. It helps my mental health stay sane and I recommend that everyone finds something to help balance their well-being during post-secondary education.



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