ExperienceBU is Brock’s campus involvement portal and event calendar. Thus, like I mentioned in my previous blog, if you want to make the most out of your Brock experience and get involved this is the place to go!

Within ExperienceBU there is something called the campus-wide co-curriculum where you can track anything you’ve done outside of the classroom within domains.

The 10 domains include:

1. Arts and Culture

2. Brock Spirit

3. Career Preparation

4. Community Engagement

5. Diversity and Inclusion

6. Global Awareness

7. Health and Wellness

8. Innovation

9. Leadership

10. Personal Growth

Countless events outside of the classroom will help you to track your experiences within these domains. For example, if you go to a performance at the Marilyn I. Walker School of Performing Arts, you can track that under the Arts and Culture Domain. Another example is if you had the opportunity to be our mascot Boomer the Badger (which I can neither confirm or deny whether I have), you can track that under Brock Spirit.

Therefore, Brock acknowledges you for getting involved outside of the classroom! So, if you become a Badger, take advantage of this opportunity to have it with you for your future to have proof of everything you have done outside of the classroom to make the most out of your Brock experience!



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