Bus pass

Hey Badgers! One thing that’s amazing when you are a Brock student is that a bus pass is included in our tuition and fees we pay each year. It is provided to us thanks to our students’ union we call BUSU (Brock University Students’ Union). I was worried heading off to university because I did not have a car to get around. But I am writing this blog to tell you that it is possible to go to school without a car!

In my first year, I did not leave campus much thus I did not become very familiar with the bus system. However, in my second year when I decided to live off-campus, I had to learn very quickly. There is an app you can download called “St. Catharines Transit” which I recommend ALL Brock students get!! It makes it so easy to see which bus to take to get to the Pen Centre for example to go shopping. Or which bus to take to get to campus if you live off-campus.

Having survived 4 years as a student with no car, I am here to tell you it is possible! Like you all could imagine, having a car would be nice, but I survived just fine

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