One of the best benefits of studying on a campus in the beautiful Niagara region is the breathtaking nature spots afforded to us. With fresh air, comes fresh perspectives. For all of the nature-loving Badgers or Badgers-to-be, here are four ways to enjoy being outside without having to leave campus!

1. Study in Jubilee Court
Jubilee court is the perfect place to study if you love nature like I do! It’s quiet and peaceful, yet there’s still friendly faces all around. Feel free to throw a blanket on the floor or just grab a bench; the choice is up to you! Just make sure to bundle up on colder days.

2. Explore the Bruce Trails
One of the best things about Brock is that you don’t even have to leave campus in order to experience beautiful hiking trails! Go for a quick stroll, grab your bike, or go deep into the trails for a hike that is great for both your mental and physical health.

3. Walk around campus
As simple as it sounds, this is one of my favourite things to do. Brock’s campus features beautiful natural landscapes! It also has some hidden gems for you to find; small paths that are great spots for taking a stroll or a skip (if you’re like me) and thinking.

4. Check out the Glenridge Quarry Naturalization site
Behind Quarry view is the biggest hidden gem of all! The naturalization site features beautiful rolling hills with plenty of paths to take, a multitude of trees and wild grass, deer on their way to dinner, and my personal favourite: a small dock situated at the edge of a lake. Whether you plan on going for a short walk or need to do some deep thinking to find that fresh perspective I mentioned, the naturalization site is the place to go!

While some people naturally prefer the indoors to the outdoors, I promise you that there is something on this list that everyone can enjoy. Just remember to seize the day and push on through the trees and onto the trails!

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