Hey future Badgers!

As the exam season approaches, I wanted to share my favourite study spots on campus. With so many great spaces on campus, finding one that works well for you is important. Here are my four favourite places to study:

1. The 8th Floor in the Library

The James A. Gibson library is located in the Schmon Tower and the higher you go, the quieter it gets. That’s why I like working on the 8th floor because it is very quiet and there are individual desks for everyone. The library is also open until 2:00 am so if you need to finish an essay or study for an exam, you have a quiet space to work. Plus, the views from the 8th floor are incredible!

2. Cairns Complex

The Cairns Complex has a lot of research labs on the upper floors so it is not very busy. This makes it an ideal spot to study because it is so quiet! The building is also very bright and it has lots of windows so you can see Brock’s beautiful campus while studying.

3. Welch Hall

There aren’t a lot of tables in Welch Hall but it is always really quiet and there is lots of sunlight. Near the Education professor’s offices, there are tables for students to use on the first floor, the second floor and the third floor. If you need a cup of coffee or a snack while studying (who doesn’t?!), General Brock, our on-campus convenience store, is located just down the hall.

4. A Group Study Room in the Library

When I’m on a group project or studying with friends, I like to book groups study rooms in the Learning Commons which is a part of the James A. Gibson library. Brock students can easily book these study rooms online and work in a quiet space. Most of the rooms have whiteboards so students can use those to help them as well.

So there you have it Badgers, these are my four favourite places to study! Hopefully one of these will work for you, but if not there are so many other great places around campus.

– Sarah

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