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This week I will be discussing some of the dining options available on campus! It is mandatory for all students in residence to purchase a meal plan. So that means if your in a traditional, semi-suite or townhouse style residence you will need to purchase a meal plan.

There are 4 different options students can choose from which are, the Basic, Light, Regular and Varsity Meal Plans. More information about the specifics of costs can be found at brocku.ca/hospitality-services.

All students can use their meal plan at any dining hall on campus such as the Decew Dining Hall, Lowenberger, Hungry Badger and the Guernsey Market. Your meal plan works as a Declining Card Balance, which means every time you purchase a meal, the value is deducted each time you use it.

300 dollars of total amount of meal plan is flex dollars. Flex dollars can be used at the laundry facilities which is 1.75 per load. Flex dollars can also be used at any of our franchised restaurants on campus such as Harvey’s, Booster Juice, Subway and Tim Hortons. Selected off campus restaurants and businesses also accept flex dollars such as Boston Pizza and Pizza Pizza. Students can also use them on any vending machine on campus for a quick snack!

Hope this answers any meal plan questions you may have!

Christina De Silva

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