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A lot of students ask “why should I get involved on campus?” Well, Brock offers so many opportunities for students to get involved because there are so many benefits to being an active member of the school community. You can volunteer on campus, join a club (or create a club), join a sports team, or even work on campus.

I didn’t get involved until my 2nd year, and I felt that because of this, I may have missed out on new friends & experiences.

It’s a great idea to get involved with activities that don’t necessarily relate to what you’re studying at Brock. For example, try some wacky intramurals like inner tube hockey or volunteer with children from the Niagara Region in programs like CMP (Children’s movement program) or SNAP (special needs activity program).

Your involvement doesn’t have to be a consistent thing either – sometimes it’s just nice to go out and support your school at hockey and basketball games … after all, we do have the best fans! So get out there and show your support, it’s a great way to get involved, meet new people and even learn about a new sport!

Finally, as a new student, the stress can be overwhelming, so take advantage of all the things Brock offers to encourage a healthy mind. We have puppy rooms, free fitness classes, counseling, free breakfasts and much more! These are all great ways to involve yourself and keep your mind healthy in times of stress.


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