Staying active and healthy in university can be a struggle, but Brock offers lots of opportunities for students to get moving both recreationally and competitively. As a member of the Varsity Cheerleading team, I can compete in the sport I love, meet new friends and represent the University in the community.

What’s life like as a student-athlete? Well for starters it’s busy. My schedule includes two early-morning practices a week, two training sessions a week, occasional practices Sundays and Thursdays, and then cheering along the basketball teams on the court. Add to that a full course load, two volunteer placements, a student job, two student clubs and trying to get a full 8 hours of sleep every night, and it makes for a very busy Badger.

Although it seems like there are not enough hours in the day, I wouldn’t change my crazy schedule. This my third year cheering for Brock, and my first competing in the Level 6 category. Brock has two cheerleading teams, a Level 4 Blue Team, and a Level 6 Red Team. Both teams are very serious, and both compete at their respective level. The past two years I competed with the Blue Team, and this year I will be apart of the Red Team who will represent the University at the International Cheerleading Union World’s Competition at Walt Disney World Resort, in Orlando Florida.

Being apart of the Cheerleading team has opened so many doors, and really helped me to feel at home at Brock. I have made great friends, and built strong relationships with my coaches. I have helped cheer on the Men’s and Women’s basketball teams to take home numerous wins. I have improved my time management skills, perseverance, and confidence. The team helped me to feel welcome right away when I first started at Brock, and I continue to fall in love with the sport each season.

The team is training now for our first competition at Power Cheerleading Association Nationals on November 25th, which is fast approaching. I would recommend to any incoming students to pursue the activity they love. Whether it’s a varsity team, or intermural team, athletics at Brock are a fantastic way to get involved, stay active and make life long friends.

Signing off Badgers,

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