On Sunday, I participated in Brock’s Fall Preview Day as an international ambassador. The event was a great chance for prospective students to familiarize themselves with Brock.

The first time I heard about Brock was when recruiters came to my school and told me about the programs available and the campus itself, but it was something I couldn’t experience firsthand until just a couple of months ago. Most of my conversations with recruiters took place over email, and they were usually the fastest to reply out of all the universities and colleges I spoke to. I felt confident in coming to Brock, even if I had never been here before. This might not be the case for everyone. Perhaps you’d like to see classrooms for yourself, and ask questions in person before committing to attend Brock.

If you have the chance to come to Fall Preview Day as an international student, it is a great opportunity to experience what the university has to offer first hand, as well as to interact directly with representatives of any aspect of life at Brock. Nothing beats being able to set foot on campus, and ask questions face-to-face with representatives at Brock, especially because questions can range from very broad inquiries regarding application requirements, to very particular details on almost any subject. This is key for people who aren’t very certain of what program they like best as you can go to any faculty booth and ask them all about the programs directly.

I was at the International Recruitment booth and was elated to have a student from Mexico come by and ask about how to apply as I got to tell him all about Brock in Spanish.  Some of the students that came to us were interested in athletics, and the scholarships related with being part of a sports team, so pointing them in the right direction to apply was as easy as giving them directions to the appropriate booth. There were also plenty of tours around residences, that gave prospective students a great grasp of where they can live and real-life testimonials of what it’s like to live in residence on campus.

Fall Preview is great for parents too! University can represent a big investment for your parents, and Fall Preview Day can help give them peace of mind to be able to directly ask questions regarding tuitions, financial aid, and payment options; or perhaps they’d just like to see for themselves where you’ll be spending the next few of years.

Bottom line, if you get the chance to take a trip to Brock before “The Trip” to Brock, it can be a great opportunity to get to know everything; but if you live halfway around the world, or simply can’t make it for Fall Preview Day, almost anything you need can be found online, on the phone, or through e-mail correspondence with recruiters.


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