Hey Future Badgers!

Are you looking for a place like home? tremendous volunteer opportunities, extracurricular activities and academic success? Then Brock is the place for you! Picking a university can be a very daunting task but I’m here to tell you why I chose Brock. There are many reasons why I chose Brock University, hence I can continue to write for days. Here are the top 5 reasons why I selected Brock as my home for 5 years.

1. My program: Brock is one of few post-secondary institutions which offers Concurrent Education. My degree at Brock allows me to complete my undergrad and obtain admission into teachers college. The program is unique as it provides many placement experiences to complement lecture and integrate theory into practice.

2. Volunteer and Extracurricular Activities: There are numerous student clubs at Brock that offer tremendous experiences to ensure your time at Brock is used to fullest. Whether you’re collecting food for the local food bank or attending an alternative Reading Week trip to Peru. The university offers an array of clubs and hobbies to effectively spend your time.

3. Proximity to Home: With just an hour away from the GTA, Brock is within close proximity to home. If I am craving home cooked meals or just want to visit friends and family, Megabus and Greyhound services allow me to visit frequently.

4. Size: Brock is known as a medium sized university. Classes and Faculty offices are within walking distance. Moreover, class sizes were similar to high school allowing the creation of various friendships.

5. The city: Brock is located within St. Catharines which is close to attractions such as Niagara Falls, Buffalo and the Niagara Escarpment. The city allows for adventure, beautiful scenery and a fun study break.

I hope you will be able to find reasons to love Brock as much as I have!

Christina De Silva

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