Hey future Badgers!

First semester is almost coming to an end…and that means it’s almost the most wonderful time of the year…EXAM TIME! In all seriousness, the exam period seems stressful and daunting for students..but in reality, they aren’t all that bad!

Here are some study tips that will help you thrive during the upcoming exam period:

Get organized and plan ahead. When preparing for upcoming exams it is so important to be organized! Mark your exams on your calendar and start by making a schedule to designate enough study time before each exam. If you plan out your studying ahead you’ll be less likely to cram, and this will also help with prioritizing your time! Make sure you have all your notes before the exam season rolls around. If you missed a few classes due to sickness or other reasons ask a friend to catch you up on what you missed and send you notes.

Find a study buddy. Working together and collaborating with friends makes studying so much more fun! Find a study buddy in your classes that you can go over material with, or simply just enjoy each other’s company while you hit the books. Studying with friends or in a group can be beneficial for testing your knowledge, as you can ask questions and quiz each other on course material. Get creative when studying in groups; you can make funny songs to remember acronyms, use flashcards, or create a fun game. I find this not only makes studying more fun, but also helps to develop a stronger understanding and remember information better!

Ask your Professor or Teaching Assistant for help. Your professors and teaching assistants are excellent resources, and they are there to help you! Visit them during their office hours to go over material you may need more clarification about, or to ask questions about what to expect on the exam.

Review previous exams from the Library reserve. The Brock Library has lots of past exams on reserve that you can review as an example! This resource is a life hack many students don’t know about, yet it can provide you with a good foundation for the style and content of the exam you will write. Not every course offers access to previous exams, however, there are plenty available both online on the Brock Library website and as hard copies in the library as well. Check online or ask the library help desk for help finding past exams, they can make a big difference when studying and are great for practice!

Take care of yourself. As much as exams and academics are important, you and your well being always come first! Make sure to exercise, stay hydrated, get LOTS of sleep, and eat nutritious food to fuel your brain while studying. Exam time can cause students to fall into bad habits of pulling all nighters, wearing the same clothes for days, and eating packaged food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Don’t forget to take breaks and make time to do things you enjoy, whatever that may be! Go for a walk outside, treat yourself to some ice cream, jam out to your favourite tunes, and remember that your health matters most!

Get into a good routine. Everyone has their own study preferences and habits that work for them, take time to figure out what works best for you! Find a study space that you can focus and stay on task at. If you prefer to study in a quiet space, try floors 7-10 in the library or one of my personal favourites, Cairns! If you like background noise or nice views when you study, check out Pond Inlet. If you’re a late-night studier, head to Plaza where you can study all night…it’s open 24 hours! Use study techniques that work for you; whether that may be writing out your notes, setting timers to stay on task, or using visuals to remember information, there’s lots of methods you can try to get the most out of your studying.

Lastly, remember your marks do not define you. At the end of the day, your grades are just numbers and are not an accurate measure of who you are as a person. A number does not reflect your worth, so if you are feeling stressed about an exam remember that all you can do is do your best! You will not remember what you got on your first year sociology exam years from now, so don’t let your grades get you down! Remember the motto, “don’t stress, do your best, and forget the rest!”

I hope you find these tips helpful. That’s all for now…happy studying!


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