This is my first year at Brock, as well as my first experience truly living by myself. For reading week, I was invited to stay with some longtime family friends from Ohio. A number of years ago, one of them was an exchange student back in Colombia and spent a couple of years living with a relative of mine. Our families have been linked ever since and we often visit each other to catch up.

Their house was amazing! It was surrounded by nature and filled with natural light. It was the perfect setting to work ahead on some assignment during the week. It was a good time to sit down and plan out my schedule to prepare for midterms. I find that simply acknowledging deadlines and identifying good dates to start working on projects or reviews is a great way to have the appropriate mindset to tackle upcoming projects.

Eventually I decided to spend time resting and really reflect on all the new experiences that I have had over the past month. As an international student, everything can feel like a blur! One day you’re packing your bags, and then suddenly you’re living in what seems to be a different planet. Taking the time to myself gave me the opportunity to appreciate what I’ve been given and open myself to the experiences that come with it.

Reading week is a great chance to think, welcome change in your life and enjoy a warm, home cooked meal (or two).


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