The Fall season has different meanings for different people. Here are just a few ways to enjoy the season as a student of Brock University.

For the outdoor adventure lover:
With a mild temperatures and beautiful trails, parks, and conservation areas, the Niagara region is perfect for those who love hiking and the great outdoors. If you do not have a car or has no time to travel outside of St. Catharines, I would recommend the Glenridge Quarry Naturalization Site and Lakeside Park as both are within the city limits. The former is just minutes from the main Brock campus, while the latter one is located in lakeside community of Port Dalhousie. Glenridge Naturalization Site is characterized by its smooth trails, bushwoods, and a peaceful little pond with ducks and fish. Lakeside Park is famous for its century old carousel, soft beach, and port side shops.

However, if you do have a car and are able to afford the time to commute, then there are great parks in Niagara Falls. The two that I would recommend are Niagara Glenn Nature Reserve and Dufferin Islands. Niagara Nature Reserve is located across the Niagara River. The entry of this site is quite interesting because the site is below the escarpment and visitors have to walk down a five-story metal staircase. Within this site, you are able to see the turbulent currents of Niagara river, climb up steep rocks (although it’s quite dangerous), and walk through leaf-covered trails. Compared to the Niagara Glenn, Dufferin Island is much more peaceful and gentle. Dufferin Island is covered with mirror-like ponds, tidy bridges, and slender willow trees. In addition, you are able to observe birds in the bird boxes and feed them at the bird-feeding stations.

For the in-door activity lover:
Some of you may not able to tolerate the chilly weather during autumn, so you may prefer some in-door activities instead. Fortunately, there are a number of in-door activity options in St. Catharines.

If you like to engage in physical activities, then I recommend the following activities:

Skyzone Trampoline Park:
One my favourite place to go (although you do have to pay). It is a recreational facility comprised of trampolines of different shapes and sizes. Here, you are able to do a lot of activities that are related to jumping, such as free-style jumping, ultimate dodge ball, and SkySlam (I.e., performing a basketball slam on trampoline).

Other alternatives of exercise activities include going to a gym, playing intramural games (such as those organized by Brock), or jogging.

FirstOntario Performing Arts Centre:
It may be the case that compared to physical activities, you gain more spiritual enjoyment from arts and aesthetics. Then why not visit the FirstOntario Performing Arts Centre? For a minimal cost, you are able to watch a non-mainstream but inspiring movie, submerge yourself in the melody from top-ranked jazz musicians, or appreciate the creativity of various performing artists. Even if you are not crazy about the arts, the performances can be a great escape from the pressures of university studies.

Have a great recommendation that I have not covered? Please leave your comments below and share some ideas!


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