This is What the Summer is All About

Hey Badgers, back here with another post. Today I wanted to talk about something that is technically non-school related, and even overshadowed by the exam session that stands right in front of it. Yes, that is our summer (or spring/summer) break. For first years, it’s standard that we do have this period off, as I know that later with Co-op and other things going on we might be dealing with work around the clock.

Yet, I am here to give you some tips so that you don’t find yourself bored out of your mind for 4 full months.

Before starting off, I just want to state how incredibly helpful the system here in Canada is. Yes, it is a bummer that our winter break is so short, but that allows to have that uninterrupted 4-month period which can be very useful. Let’s get started:

Find a job

This one is probably a no brainer, and most Canadian students are used to it. But, at least where I come from, most full-time students like me haven’t worked a day in our lives (not really proud of it TBH), but that is how it works back home. Now that I have this great amount of time on my hands, I have been able to figure out a job opportunity entering in the field I think I might want to work in the future. I really appreciate the opportunity to get the time to be able to get some experience and build my resume!

Take some classes

Brock is amazing at offering spring and summer courses, both online and over at campus. For those who stay or live close to campus, it is a great opportunity to get ahead or catch up on some of the classes. For sure I’ll consider hopping on this boat later in my degree.


I really do think that some of the biggest knowledge I’ve gathered in my short life has come throgh the possibility to travel to different places. As of right now, I haven’t got the chance to truly explore, but through sports or study I have been able to visit 9 different countries in America and several different cities within. Experiences are something that I really value and have contributed to building who I am today.

Overall, I would just recommend that you get active. At least for me, I like to be busy, meet new people, explore and whatnot. Remember that this time is just around the corner, so enjoy!

See you in the fall!

Eduardo Retes

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