Final exam time can be stressful, but by using helpful study tips and getting organized you will find yourself much less stressed than most of your friends. Not only will you be reducing feelings of being overwhelmed, you will find that exams are no biggie because you have prepared for them like the true pro you are!

Here are my top 5 study tips to help you kick exams right in the butt!

1. Give yourself enough time to study!

Don’t leave studying until the last minute. Cramming will only make your stress levels higher and you will retain only a fraction of the information that you could have if you studied over the course of a week.

2. Make a study schedule

If you’re anything like me, and you have to write stuff down to remember to do it then this is the tip for you! Write down how many exams you have and the days you have to write them. Then organize your study schedule (ie. Monday study for History for 2 hours). Note: You may want to give some exams more study time than others, depending on your comfort level with the subject, etc.

Also, keep in mind that everyone has different study routines, so find one that works for YOU. If you study better in the morning, start early or if you’re more productive at night, settle down in the evening. If you study better in a group, find people who are like you in your class and form study groups! If you study better alone, find a comfortable spot and go for it!

3. Practice on old exams

Many professors will post previous exams online for students to access. These are an excellent tool to practice what you have studied and helped you to get used to the format of questions! (http://exams.library.brocku.ca/)

4. Take Regular Study Breaks

Contrary to popular belief, studying for as many hours as possible is not beneficial to retaining information. Our brains need a little break to be able to absorb all of the information that we are throwing at it. For example, if you were training to run a marathon, you would not run for 24 hours a day- your body also needs food and rest to be able to keep going. This is exactly like studying. Go for a hike, a walk around the neighborhood, watch an episode of your favorite Netflix show, bake some cookies, or simply take a short power nap!

I will never forget, in 1st year, my roommate and I were super stressed about our psychology exam. We felt like we could not possibly study anymore, so we decided to head over to Decew Falls and went for a nice long hike. Believe it or not, when we went back to studying later that night not only did we remember everything that we studied but we actually studied more efficiently and learned so much more! So get out there and get some Vitamin D and fresh air to promote a healthy brain.

5. Plan out your exam day

Make sure that you have everything ready in advance of the exam day. Check your schedule to make sure when and where your exam is taking place. Make sure that you show up to the school with enough time so you do not feel rushed and overwhelmed. Make sure that you have everything you need to write your exam (pen, pencil, eraser, highlighter, calculator, student card). Lastly, do not try to cram study when waiting to head into your exam room. These people exist, where they are holding 100’s of cue cards trying to memorize every single one a minute before the exam… this will do nothing for you. Go to your exam feeling prepared and put your notes away 20 minutes before the exam!

Hope these exam tips help, they sure do for me! If you have any questions regarding exams at Brock please leave a comment below!

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