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Residence at Brock has been recognized as one of the best in Canada! Your residence will become your home away from home. Not only will you have the opportunity to live in modern facilities, but also you will meet many new friends and become a significant member of the Brock community.

Each residence has a common room area that contains a kettle, microwave and sink that are free for students to use as they wish. WIFI is also made available in residence! Additionally, each residence has an assigned “Don” which is an upper year student who is there for the students in their transition to university. Don’s also put on many events for their students and promote fun things on campous.

Here at Brock, we offer 3 styles of residence:

  1. Traditional Style: single and double rooms. Students are required purchase a meal plan that can be used on campus at any dining hall (Decew Residence).
  2. Semi-suit style: residences have single and double rooms. Students are required to purchase a meal plan that can be used on campus at any dining hall (Earp, Vallee and Lowenberger Residence).
  3. Townhouse style: students will be living in a house-like residence with the option to cook their own meals in a full kitchen or purchase a meal plan (Quarry View and Village Residence).

Q: Is residence at Brock guaranteed?
A: Residence is guaranteed for all incoming 1st year students coming from high school or those who reside outside of Ontario. Just make sure that you accept your offer of admission no later than June 1st, 2017. Additionally, Brock must receive your residence application and fee no later than June 1st, 2017.

On your residence application, you will be allowed to rank your preferences based on style of residence and single or double rooms. Rooms are assigned based on average. Here’s a little helpful hint- If your average is 90% or higher, you will be offered to choose which residence you would like to live in during your first year.

Take a look inside our residences by following this link and come tour our campus: https://discover.brocku.ca/living/

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