Good news future Badgers! Accessing our student services has never been easier with the introduction of Brock Central. Our Registrar’s Office has undergone renovations to include multiple student services that were previously housed at separate locations over campus. Brock Central makes everything more user friendly for Brock students. If you need to access any services related to: undergraduate admissions, enrolment services, student account services or student financial assistance, they are all now located here at the 3rd floor of the Schmon Tower.

Brock Central is here for answering any questions or addressing any concerns regarding registration, forms and letters, secure information, student finances, academic transcripts and convocation. Plus, Brock Central is open for longer hours: Monday-Thursday 8:30am-7pm and Friday 10am-4pm.

Brock Central is run by a wireless system designed to eliminate lineups and reduce wait times. This new renovation includes new software that replaces physical waiting rooms with virtual, mobile lines. Once students either text into the queue system (Text “Brock University” to 289-301- 4243) or visit the third floor to reserve your place in a virtual queue. You will then receive text message notifications about the status of your place in line. While waiting for services, students can roam freely and keep up to date from Brock Central.

So there it is future Badgers, there is now a more holistic approach to administrative services at Brock making it easier and more convenient for you.

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