Hey future Badgers, have you ever experienced this problem: You set a goal for what you want to change, try it for two weeks, but then your old habits are back? Here is some advice if you want the change to stay for good!

1. Write it down:
Studies show that we are 10 times more likely to achieve something when we physically write it down as opposed to keeping it in our minds.

2. Post it somewhere you can see everyday:
My favourite spot is posting this list to a mirror, that way as soon as you wake up in the morning, it’s the first thing you see and it’s a constant daily reminder of what you want to achieve.

3. Make your goals realistic:
Often what we want to achieve is long-term. Making short-term progress is more realistic.

4. Tell yourself you’re going to achieve it:
This ones my favourite, because we believe what we tell ourselves. If you tell yourself you are going to achieve your goal, that tiny voice inside your head will make sure you get there!

Whether it’s changing your diet, hitting the gym, learning a new skill, or acing your classes, whatever your new year resolution may be this year, I wish you all best of luck that you achieve it…and when you do, remember to reward yourself! 🙂

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