Badgers Celebrating Celebrations Pt. 1

Helllloooooooo Future Badgers!!

It’s coming to the conclusion of the school year here at Brock and what better way to mourn celebrate the end of the year than to talk about Celebrations!

Kid Dancing

There are all kinds of celebrations in the world, from holidays to birthdays to regular days — but Future Badgers, get ready for a change! — once you come to a university, things change a bit, and the fact of the matter is that sometimes you won’t always be able to go home when you want to, and that means that you’ll have to celebrate things a little differently too!

Let’s figure out how we can celebrate without celebrating our usual way…

We’ll start at the top of the list:

In September, I see most celebrations happening in Residence, Badgers have just moved in and are starting to get to know each other, and folks love to celebrate new friendships. This celebration can come in many forms, from casual (legal & consensual) drinks, to a board game night, to dinner at a local restaurant with your newfound Badger-mates.

October, of course, sees Hallowe’en: now if you’re the type of Badger who still tries to get away with trick-or-treat’ing on October 31st, look no further! The Student Justice Centre usually runs an event called “Trick-or-Eat” which features Badgers knocking on doors to collect canned goods for the less fortunate! This way, you still get to trick-or-treat, and you get to experience being a good humanitarian Badger!

We can’t forget about Fall Reading Week (FRW)! Historically, FRW has fallen close to Thanksgiving, so this gives Badgers a chance to go home and celebrate their Turkey Day with their loved ones. For those who can’t make it home, members of the Residence Life Staff who also can’t go home usually host a Thanksgiving Dinner for staff that their students are often invited to: because nobody should be alone on Thanksgiving (Charlie Brown!)

And those are just some of the ways that you can Celebrate, Badger Style once you’ve gotten to Brock. Stay tuned for Parts 2&3, which will cover the rest of the year!

Brock On, Badgers!


About Iain

Hello Future Badgers! My name is Iain, and I am a fourth year Concurrent Education I/S B.A./B.Ed. student (teaching subjects in Drama & History) and Head Resident in the Residence Department here at Brock! First thing’s first, I love this newfound second home that I call Brock and I’m hoping I can pass off all of that love to all of you! This summer I spent an incredible four weeks teaching and living at an Outdoor Education Camp in the Algonquin Highlands and would love to tell you all about it! Through the experiences as an actively involved University student here at Brock, I have seen that maintaining a social life, as well as an academic life is just as important to becoming a well-rounded and balanced student (it’s almost like eating both your fruits and vegetables!) In the coming months, I hope to pass this knowledge on to you, to ensure that your love of all things Brock grows strong. Brock On Badgers!

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