Hello again Future Brock Badgers,

In my previous blog a Home Away From Home Part I, I discussed my beginning journey in picking Brock as my university and what I learned as important advice in knowing what program fits you. Now that you know some advice on how to pick the program, it’s time to think of the school.

Again think who you are and where you see yourself. For myself, I am an outdoorsy, nerdy and small town girl so I didn’t enjoy the idea of being at a large university where it is busy and noisy in a city. However, I knew I liked Brock for the concurrent teacher education program because of the experience opportunities they have implemented in the program, but it wasn’t until I visited the school did I fall in love with the whole university. The campus is midsize so it doesn’t feel overwhelming large and scary, the people were all super friendly, and the whole campus had a welcoming vibe from the natural lightening and trees surrounding it to the club posters inviting students to get involved in the school. Visiting the campus really made me realize what it was that I was looking for in a university and to even make sure that I was making the right choice I visited the campus for a second time just to confirm my feelings. After that it was easy to select Brock as my university and I never looked back afterwards.

Therefore, if you see yourself at a school with amazing opportunities of experience in your program, a welcoming and at home vibe and with a great sense of community please come visit Brock. I can definitely say once you visit the campus you will realize how great of a school Brock is and you will know by the gut feeling in your stomach and heart that is your new home away from home because the school just fits with you who are!

Best of Luck, Jessica


About Jessica

Hello Future Brock Badgers! My name is Jessica and I am in my fourth year here at Brock in the Concurrent Education Child and Youth Studies P/J program. I am super excited to share any knowledge I can about Brock and my experience here over the four years. I love Brock for many reasons, but mainly because the whole school feels like one big community where everyone is welcome. I hope you come visit Brock to feel this sense of community and see why it is such a great place to come for your post-secondary education! Hope to see you soon! #experiencebrock

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