Hey Future Badgers,

As the school year approaches a close, this means exams and final assignments are coming up. If you’re anything like me, and you become easily overwhelmed with balancing school work, friends, sleep and “me time” then this is the guide for you. In this blog, I will be giving you my strategies to getting organized and crushing those finals.

Don’t get me wrong, finals can be a stressful time but I promise that you will get through it.

As a reward for all of your hard work, you will get to enjoy a long, 4 month summer vacation (all about that break, am I right). Just think, a few short weeks of hard work during finals for 4 MONTHS OFF!!!! All you need to do is get organized, and plan out your time.

Without further ado, here are my favorite ways to get organized for finals:

1. Get a planner!

By writing down what and when assignments are due, it takes much of your stress off your shoulders. You no longer need to think “OH MY GOSH WHEN IS THAT PAPER DUE?!!?”, you just need to flip open your planner. By simply writing down due dates, special events,social plans, etc. it gives you a visual of your personal agenda and will help you plan out your time effectively and take away any unnecessary stress when trying to remember things. You can bring your planner with you anywhere (seriously, mine is in my purse), so you never have to stress about what is due, and when ever again!

2. Get a big calendar!

A staple to your first Brock Campus Store visit is most definitely the GIANT Brock monthy calendar. For only a few bucks, it will save your life. At the beginning of each semester, your professors will give out their syllabus with all of the assignments due that semester- whether it be presentations, papers, tests, etc. This list of assignments can be overwhelming, even to experienced Brock students but have no fear, YOUR CALENDAR IS HERE! When you venture home after your first class, run straight to your big Brock calendar and write in the due dates. Just like the planner, it will give you a visual representation of when all of your assignments are due and you can plan effectively when you want to begin working on them, or when you want to start studying for exams!

3. Set reminders on your phone!

We bring our phones everywhere, so why not use them for more than texting, Instagramming, and tweeting?!? In this smart phone era, most of us have calendars on our phones or apps that we can use to set reminders- so why not take full advantage of our expensive phone plans and put them to good use of getting organized! You can set reminders of when your assignments are due, when you have lunch plans with your mom/dad, and final exams. And all of this can be in the palm of your hand. Sometimes, I even set reminders to study so when its Wednesday at 1 in the afternoon, and I’m watching Netflix, my phone will remind me that I have a test on Friday that I forgot about, and I’ll make better use of my time to prepare for my test!

There are so many ways to get organized! These are my favorite ways… Comment below if you have any strategies that work for you!

Talk soon,


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