Hello Future Brock Badgers,

My name is Jessica and I am in my fourth year here at Brock in the Concurrent Education Child and Youth Studies P/J program. This is my first blog post to you all and I hope that you enjoy what I have to share. To start off my posts I decided it would be best to share why I chose Brock and the program I am in.

Thinking back to when I was in grade 11 and 12 starting to think of what schools and programs I wanted to go to for university all I can remember is a lot of stress. I remember overthinking every little detail of every school and program because I was worried I was going to make the wrong choice or not get accepted to my top choices. So my first piece of advice is to breathe! It sounds simple and a little silly, but I know that I would of loved to hear what I am about to tell you when I was in your position. The school and program you want is as simple as naturally knowing who you are. At the end of it all you are going to realize that the school and program right for you are the ones that fit who you are and make you happy, excited and maybe a little nervous but in a good way for the future.

To help know who you are just think of how you would describe your self (energetic, sporty, nerdy, or outdoorsy) and where you see yourself working (office, animals, busy on your feet, helping others or making changes). Sometimes thinking of your future is as simple as thinking about what makes you happy. For example, for me I cannot picture myself sitting at a desk all day in front of a computer, I need to be up on my feet, talking to people and making an impact. I also love children and I am very nerdy when it comes to school. Thus teaching just made it self a calling for me. Now it’s okay if you are not 100% sure what you want to do because the programs at Brock lead to endless job and career opportunities! Just think more of a starting point on where you want your university experience to begin and from there everything will slowly but surely fall into place in your journey to an amazing career!

To hear more on picking your home away from home check out part II.

Best of luck, Jessica


About Jessica

Hello Future Brock Badgers! My name is Jessica and I am in my fourth year here at Brock in the Concurrent Education Child and Youth Studies P/J program. I am super excited to share any knowledge I can about Brock and my experience here over the four years. I love Brock for many reasons, but mainly because the whole school feels like one big community where everyone is welcome. I hope you come visit Brock to feel this sense of community and see why it is such a great place to come for your post-secondary education! Hope to see you soon! #experiencebrock

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