Wellness Wednesdays at Brock!

Hi Everyone,

It’s already the middle of the week, do any of you know what that means??                         Wellness Wednesday!

You may already know that the Brock University Student Union (BUSU) runs Wellness Weeks throughout the school year.  These are week-long initiatives that occur right before the fall and winter final exam periods, to help students de-stress and relax before we write exams.  Wellness Wednesdays are a new initiative this term that allow us to experience awesome Wellness events a lot more frequently! Through engagement of students, advocacy, and events at Brock and within the community, Wellness Wednesdays are brought to us with the purpose of focusing on the overall health and wellbeing of students.

The key principles of Wellness Weeks/Wellness Wednesdays include: Physical, Mental, Emotional, Lifestyle, Spiritual, and Financial Wellness. Wellness Wednesdays occur every second Wednesday on campus this term.

Here are some of the events and activities that us students have been looking out for this week:

1. Free Spinning, Full Body Fitness, and Stretching classes for all students.

2. Free fruit at the General Brock store on Campus.

3. Chiropractor Check-ups.

4. Free Massages.

5. Paint Night at Isaac’s (so fun!!!)

Other activities coming up for the last few Wellness Wednesdays of this school year include puppy rooms, art therapy, and even paddle boarding in our Olympic-sized pool!

BUSU’s Wellness events are only getting better, so stay tuned to hear about new and exciting activities provided to us students on these Wellness Wednesdays!

Have a great week everyone!


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