Helllooooo Future Badgers!

It is reaching the end of the semester for us current Badgers here. Staying in the Brock groove is made up of a few things:

– Trying to maintain a proper sleep schedule

– Attending most all of your classes, and reading all of your readings

– Learning how to speak like a Badger (again)

That last one is arguably the most important one, and what this post will focus on!

Speaking like a Badger isn’t that hard, but if you learn ’em now, you’ll be sure to fit in no problem on Move-In Day, and I bet it’ll make your other Badgers jealous because you’ll already be with the in-crowd of current Badgers. So, here are a list of things that you should know:

Most Badgers call the Guernsey Market (the largest cafeteria on campus) “The Market” The Market is a great place to go for all of your eating needs, and even sells some convenient convenience items as well! The best part? Most of these things come right off your Meal Plan, and everything can be purchased using your Brock Card (either through Meal Plan, or Flex Dollars).

MC stands for Mackenzie Chown: that’s the largest seminar room building on campus, the place where you’ll probably get lost your first time through (but don’t worry, everyone gets lost there at least once in their undergrad career).

The Computer Commons, us Badgers call it “the Fishbowl“: this one is pretty self-explanatory, I’m sure you’ll see why on your Smart Start tours!

The Lowenberger Residence: Well…this one has many names around Brock, and each new cohort of Badgers who live there will call it something new. Me? Good question! I come from the generation of Badgers who call it “Berg“, it’s short, sweet and, simple and everyone will know where you’re talking about! (Plus the imagery attached to it suggests that there’s more to Lowenberger than meets the eye, and that’s pretty mysterious and James Bond-y).

The Tower: AKA the Schmon Tower; the most important place (arguably) when it comes to student services at Brock. The Tower houses the Library, Student Awards and Financial Aid, the Office of the President (of the University…not that President), and Brock Central on the 4th Floor: your one-stop-shop for any of these services that you may need, all in one convenient location!

The Cage: The Cage is your place for anything Brock Sports, from sports equipment to signing into any of the gyms in the Walker Complex, the Cage is there you need to go!

Well, there you have it, folks: the lingo that’ll keep you in the know when you get to the Brock Campus, heck maybe you can even show off your Badger chops and drop some of these words during Smart Start…you’d be the star Future Badger in the group!


About Iain

Hello Future Badgers! My name is Iain, and I am a fourth year Concurrent Education I/S B.A./B.Ed. student (teaching subjects in Drama & History) and Head Resident in the Residence Department here at Brock! First thing’s first, I love this newfound second home that I call Brock and I’m hoping I can pass off all of that love to all of you! This summer I spent an incredible four weeks teaching and living at an Outdoor Education Camp in the Algonquin Highlands and would love to tell you all about it! Through the experiences as an actively involved University student here at Brock, I have seen that maintaining a social life, as well as an academic life is just as important to becoming a well-rounded and balanced student (it’s almost like eating both your fruits and vegetables!) In the coming months, I hope to pass this knowledge on to you, to ensure that your love of all things Brock grows strong. Brock On Badgers!

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