As a wise fourth year about to graduate and take on the real world, I have had time to reflect on my post-secondary journey. Although I would not change a thing on coming to Brock (the most wonderful place in the world), I would change when I started to figure out that Brock was the place for me.

In grade 11, I didn’t pay much attention to post-secondary options, as I had my mind set on another school (yes that’s right, Brock didn’t always have my heart). I wish I would have attended a tour of Brock during my March Break rather than spending it knee deep in various assignments.

I eventually toured Brock during Spring Open House (which is April 2, 2017 this year) and got a bunch of free stuff. The free shirt and pens were amazing, but it was the culture and hospitality of Brock U which made me fall in love.

The moral of this post, VISIT BROCK! No matter if you think you want to go here or not, just visit us. We will welcome you with giant badger arms and a bunch of pens.

To book a March Break tour please visit https://discover.brocku.ca/tours/ and don’t forget to mark in your calendars April 2, 2017 for Spring Open House!

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