The Magical Land of Brock’s Campus Store

Hellooo Future Badgers!!

Today I’ll tell you a bit about one of the most IMPORTANT places on campus here at Brock — The Campus Store!

When I say the Campus Store is a magical land, I may be exaggerating a littleeee bit but its really not that far off!  To myself (and most other students) the campus store is kind of like a student survival kit. This store has almost everything you could ever need as a university student!

Brock is now sponsored by Nike, so we have TONS Nike Clothing within the Campus store, with many different designs and styles too choose from! We have comfy sweaters, track pants, t-shirts and more. Also, we have cool gifts for family and friends like stuffed animals (especially stuffed badgers as you could imagine), mugs, books, etc. The list doesn’t end there! We have awesome items for your residence rooms such as posters, comforters, pillows, and even cozy onesies!

The campus store usually provides ways that students can have some involvement with the items we are purchasing. For example, there is currently a student Design Challenge running where students can design an item of clothing, and a winner will be determined!

Aside from all of that fun stuff, the most important item sold at the Campus Store would have to be textbooks.  Students at Brock can buy all of our textbooks at this store. We have new and used textbooks, and we can also rent some textbooks for a period of time instead of buying them! Another service provided at the Campus Store is the Textbook Buyback system. Students can sell old textbooks back to Brock, and get back some money!

Also, new this year is “Campus Store Ca$h”, where students can get $5 of redeemable cash for every $100 spent at the Campus Store!

For more information on the Campus Store, visit: http://brock.bookware3000.ca

That’s all for now!


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