Hey there baby badgers!

Besides school and work, I try to involve myself in as much fun and activities as possible at Brock. Live4Dance is a great and fun way to get involved and stay active on campus ! Twice a week, a group of students and choreographers get together and we spend time learning the choreography to a song and then take the time to preform in front of our class. No experience dancing? Don’t worry ! Live4Dance accepts all into their classes. Classes range from beginner to advance and if you have an idea or some choreography you want to share, you can have the opportunity to teach classes too!

For more info on Live4Dance you can visit their Facebook page: Live4Dance Brock or check out their YouTube: Live4DanceTv for awesome videos of past choreography.

5-6-7-8 and i’m out ! catch ya later badgers!


About Angely

Hey Future Badgers ! My name is Angely and I am from Brampton, Ontario. I am currently in my second year of Medical Sciences here at Brock. After I graduate, I plan to pursue a career in Pediatrics (working with children)! In my spare time, I love playing flag football, hanging out with my friends and painting. If you have any questions about Brock, its programs, clubs, residence or student life, please leave a comment on my blog!

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