Hello Lil’ Badgers!

If you have heard about residence at Brock, you have probably heard the word “don”. But the real question is “what is a don?”.

Don’s are upper year students who are there for first year students living on Rez. There will be a don living amongst you either on your floor, in your court, or in your block (depending on what residence you choose). In traditional and semi-suite style residences, there will be a “House” or “Floor” Don. In Village, a “Court” Don and in Quarry View, a “Block” Don. These individuals are your point of reference for the school year, making the transition to living away from home much, much easier!

Don’s organize many activities for their students, and often become their students’ friends! When I was in my 1st year, my Don was absolutely incredible. She hosted events such as “movie night” with snacks, a Floor Prom where we all got dressed up in our prom dresses, and even took us on invarious outings to Niagara Falls, bowling, and the mall. In fact, I still talk to my Don from 1st year. She was someone anyone could go to about anything, and she was there to listen… just like all of the Don’s!

So if you need someone to talk to, get advice from or even just to hang out with, your Don is a great resource!

If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments below!

Sayonara Lil Badgers!

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