Food Hacks for Future Badgers (part II)

Hey there Future Badgers!

Naomi here again to continue with the food hacks I’ve found while here at Brock! My last blog briefly outlined residence differences and some places (and ways if you’re cooking) to get yourself fed! This time around I’ll get more into hacks, and the tips and tricks to get the most out of your food experience!

First,  traditional and semi-suite residence – last time I mentioned the meal plan and the residence dining halls, this time around I want to talk about dorm room food hacks! (keep in mind that although I have this in traditional/semi suite style, townhouse style students can also use these hacks!)

  1. Your mini-fridge is an awesome addition – The Department of Residence allows you to bring a mini fridge that is 5 cubic feet or smaller into your res room- and honestly it’s a great tool. In my first year I kept loads of things in my mini fridge – everything from chip dip and juice (for the days I was watching Netflix and snacking) to fresh fruits and veggies, to yogurt, milk and cheese (for grab and go breakfasts, and healthy snack options) some of my friends even kept eggs in their fridges to microwave a quick breakfast!
  2. Store snacks and quick meals in your room! Allocate a spot in your dorm for crackers, granola bars, pop corn and of course gold fish so you can play the “how many can I catch in my mouth” game when you’re tired of studying. I also kept peanut butter in my room in case I wanted a peanut butter and banana sandwich or something.

Next is my cooking experiences. Although I lived in traditional residence, second year I lived off campus in a house and took the chance to learn how to cook for myself. If you live in a town house style residence,  you can experience the joys of cooking first hand in your very first year! Here are a couple of my favourite food stories from my experiences.

Learning to cook was something I always wanted to do but was always a little scared to do, so my first step was to take the risk, jump into the experience and hope for the best. My first thing was an egg. I knew how to make scrambled eggs and a fried egg but I had never cooked an over easy egg before, so I hit up Google to learn all that I could on egg making – sounds lame, I know, but it was actually very helpful. From there I just fired up the stove top and pan and away I went. I don’t think my first attempt was perfect – but it was edible so down the hatch it went. From there it was just practice, practice, practice – after all practice does make perfect.

Egg cooking was only the first step though, from there I started cooking other things – like rice and pasta and once I had mastered those things (through diligently reading the ‘how to’s’ I found on the internet and practicing) I moved onto meats, starting with chicken breasts, or pork chop and ground beef, moving my way towards whole hams and chickens. In fact, the first time I made a whole chicken (shout out to my co-chef and roommate Kayla) was for my roommates extended family. Her aunt and cousin came over for dinner on St Patrick’s Day so Kayla and I pulled out all the stops and cooked a roasted chicken with roasted veggies and mashed potatoes. We weren’t totally sure what we were doing but we did our research (by calling our moms and using google) to guide our way and it was a great meal, Kayla’s family couldn’t believe we had done it (they joked that we actually just bought the chicken from Zehrs – we didn’t)

Although my chicken was a success – there were definitely some instances where the cooking went a little astray. For instance I distinctly remember Kayla and I (Kayla is my cooking buddy) trying to make sloppy joes one night from scratch. I’m not sure where we went wrong but I remember that by the end of it, we were straining ketchup out of ground beef and it was everywhere. So really it’s safe to say that not every meal will be a success and not everything I  will be perfect but its worth taking the risk, because after the third week of eating fast food all I want (and maybe you too) is  a nice home cooked meal.

Alright future badgers, thank you for sticking with me until the end of this post – I know it was long – but I hope you learned a little something about how to make your food experience while you’re away from home a little more enjoyable – whether it be by just keeping a few of your favourites in your mini fridge or learning to cook on your own for yourself, I hope I was able to ease some worry!

Well that’s it for now, so until next time future badgers!

Naomi – out!


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Hi there future badgers! My name is Naomi and I'm in my fourth year of the concurrent education, intermediate/senior stream with a drama major and a french minor, quite the mouthful I know - but basically it means that when I'm done here at Brock U I want to teach high school. So now you may be wondering why I chose Brock? I chose Brock because the minute I stepped on campus I felt at home. Brock had it all, the program, the community and the environment I was looking for in my post secondary school of choice. Want to hear more about my experiences? Check out my blog posts! feel free to ask any questions and I'll be happy to respond!

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